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On the Beam is a production of


On the Beam is focused on life after cancer.  It mainly features the stories of patients that have been treated with proton therapy.   From time-to-time it will include interviews and conversations with physicians and others that are significantly involved in cancer treatment.  Each of our guests has an important story of treatment and survival to share and we hope that these stories have positive impact on those interested in cancer treatment - particularly with proton treatment.

We want to change the world by doing our part!  By helping increase the number of researchers and research projects your are helping countless people around the world!  These are people that you may never meet but they will be forever grateful that someone cared enough to help end cancer.

If you would like to contribute to the research efforts to end cancer - you may do so by clicking the following links below:

The University of Pennsylvania Abramson Cancer Center - 100% of your donation goes to the cancer research programs at the University of Pennsylvania. 

The Ohio State University James Cancer Center - 100% of your donation goes to the cancer research programs at the Ohio State University.

By supporting both of these programs I am doubling down my personal efforts to end cancer.

I was successfully treated at the University of Pennsylvania and they are a worldwide leader in cancer research.  For several years I have supported the cancer research programs at The Ohio State University.  They are also world leaders in cancer research.

Thanks so much for listening to the podcast.  I sincerely hope that it has made a difference for you and our family.

Proton Bill-